Andersen Architectural Collection

We were approached to do trade and consumer print ads and digital banners for the launch of the new Andersen Architectural Collection brand and its flagship product, the MultiGlide door. With an incredibly specific audience of contemporary architects on the West Coast, we realized we could make our media dollars work much harder than just print. A deluxe mailer put the feeling of precision engineering—like opening the box of an Apple product—placed directly in the hands of architects and designers. The core of the mailer is a sketchbook, complete with technical details of some of the key technical solutions the MultiGlide door provides to the problems on architects minds as they design big door projects. We interviewed architects to discover how something like this would actually help in their workflow, then designed materials to match. We went beyond the brief with the direct mail piece, but of course we developed the ads to fulfill the actual ask.

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Art Director, Creative Director
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design
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B2B, Luxury
Andersen Architectural Collection
Andersen Architectural Collection
Andersen Architectural Collection
Andersen Architectural Collection